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Having a garden of your own is having your own space of relaxation and natural beauty! A garden adds style, beauty and so much breathing space to any house or building! Many people living in busy streets and cities, crave to have their own garden, just for the serenity it offers. Chelmsford is a beautiful place where many owners enjoy their private space of greenery. Eden Horticultural Ltd. Is a team of expert and passionate gardeners who aim at making every garden in Chelmsford, Essex beautiful and flourishing. So whether you are redesigning your existing garden or want a new garden design for your home, we can help you have the perfect garden.

Garden designing is an art that needs technical understanding on various aspects, and all our gardeners understand the exact needs and requirements to make best use of available resources. From planting the plants and the greenery to maintaining the look and appearance of the garden… we do it all and more!

gardening chelmsford

An unkempt garden does not offer any respite! In fact, it makes the house look disorganized and badly maintained; this reflects poorly on the owners. A garden requires timely and routine maintenance. It is important to keep the greens maintained and proper planting process must be undertaken. At Eden Horticultural Ltd. all the gardeners are passionate about making beautiful gardens that add to the look and feel of the house as well as offer the respite and relaxation desired. Our Garden Design team works according to the individual and specific needs of the customers and provides the best of designs keeping with the space available and norms of the area.

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Most of our customers share that their busy schedules leave them with little or no time to take care of their gardens. It ultimately results in unkempt gardens or not having any! That’s where we come in! We understand your routine is busy and we are here to take the stress of garden maintenance off your shoulders! You can enjoy a beautiful garden without having to spend hours of work on it! we ensure that all our customers have a unique garden to themselves that adds aesthetic value to their house and offers them the beauty and comfort they desire from the garden. Whatever your gardening needs are, we guarantee quality results and services every time!