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Fruit tree pruning Essex

Are you tired of watching your trees die or their health deteriorate without a reason? Do you prune your trees and if so, do you know the right way of pruning your fruit trees? Most times, the problem with our trees is that they are not pruned and if they are, the process used was wrong and thus affects them.

Pruning your trees is a tactic that requires prior knowledge before undertaking. This is because, when pruned in the right way, trees tend to experience improved health and more productivity while wrong pruning results in reduced lifespan and very low productivity. It is therefore important to put in much thought before pruning the trees.

Fruit Tree Pruning Essex
Fruit Tree Pruning Essex

Fruit tree pruning Services

Pruning fruit trees can be very engaging since the natural shape adopted by these trees while growing is not the best for maximum productivity. The trees are therefore pruned from when they are young in the nurseries so as to maintain a good productive shape when they are mature.

Pruning is a step by step process that begins with the elimination of dead or diseased branches and leaves. This will help reduce the spread of the tree infection and thus increase the productivity of the tree. Next is cutting down the crisscrossing branches as they rub and thus provide a good entry point for diseases. This limits the growth of the trees and thus should be eliminated immediately it is noticed.

Pruning Fruit Trees in Essex

Fruit trees such as The Apple and Fig trees require frequent pruning if they are to mature and be productive. Even though pruning can be done all year long, it is important to understand that apple pruning should not be done during periods of extreme heat or extreme winter as this is not the best time to prune fruit trees and may result in the death of the plants.

Fig tree pruning should be done in case they grow along the roadside where they may become health hazards to people since weak branches may fall on them in sidewalks. In case the trees grow together, there tends to be the formation of canopies, these means short and younger trees may not be able to reach the sunlight and thus may die. This is common with apple trees and thus pruning should be done.

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