Specialist horticultural constultants

At Eden Horticultural Ltd we offer a professional horticultural consultancy service. Being a registered member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association, Professional Gardeners Guild, and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, we are able to offer comprehensive advice on the management and maintenance of all sized gardens.

We work alongside various clients, from large estates with full time gardeners, to private individuals looking for guidance on their own garden, to other landscape contractors offering advice and solutions to garden situations. From setting work schedules and overseeing staff in private estates, working with them to formulate a work rota, plans and advice on new areas of garden, to giving garden assessments of existing grounds, and writing reports and documents, where the owner, or contractor can follow the guides to allow them to know they are working correctly and undertaking tasks such as pruning at the right time of year.

Included in our garden consultancy services;

  • Basic garden appraisal, which can be as informal as a walk round the garden, and a verbal discussion on plants and the layout of the garden, discussing ideas and improvements, looking at any problems, or just inspiration of a space and what can be done to improve or maximise the garden area.
  • Garden appraisal document, where we photograph the areas of garden, and write a pictural report, advising on pruning, management, identifying plants in borders, and development of areas as required.
  • Staff management schedule, visiting site, and producing current seasonal work rotas with existing staff to ensure tasks are being completed at the correct time of year, to the correct practices.
  • On site staff development days – tutoring and developing staff on their specific site.

If your after horticultural advice or information, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Horticulture consultants