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It's difficult to define the perfect garden. Everyone has their own personal tastes, styles and preferences but most people will agree that a lot of what makes a garden stand out is how well it incorporates hard landscaping and soft landscaping; how well they merge and complement each other, how the rugged and earthy textures of stone, cobbles, wood, brick and steel accentuate the subtle and delicate qualities of floral arrangements and highlight transient seasonal hues.

Landscape design is tricky to get right on your own. It's one thing having the ideas in your head but to turn a vision into a reality requires the skill set of expert gardeners who have access to all of the best tools and materials. It also helps if they have extensive knowledge, many years experience and come highly recommended -- fortunately Eden Horticultural Essex has all of these highly-desirable attributes to our name.

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Why choose Eden Horticultural for hard landscaping in Essex?

For many years, Eden Horticultural have operated at the top of the landscaping and gardening industry around Essex. Our team are frequently sought after due to our deep and unmatched knowledge of all things horticulture and the impressive way we're able to transform both residential and commercial gardens or outdoor spaces with an unrivalled level of expertise and skill.

We have previously worked with clients such as the Royal Horticultural Society and, as such, have carved out an array of specialities that meet both out the requirements of our client-base as well as their budgets.

Although we have a knowledge of the more complex side of gardening (both commercial and residential), we choose to keep our approach to business very simple with 3 key pledges that define who we are:

  • We're always affordable
  • We put our customers first
  • We deliver nothing but the very best quality work

When you choose Eden Horticultural for landscaping services in Essex you can expect a reliable team of specialists who are driven by passion and a conscientious proclivity.

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What services are included in our Essex hard landscaping?

Many people know hard landscaping to be driveways, block paving, patios but it can also be so much more. Read on to get some ideas for how you can take advantage of our landscaping services to create an Essex garden that you'll never want to be out of.

Patios Essex

A patio is a dedicated paved space that is ideal for placing garden furniture, potted plants or sun loungers. People often enjoy summer evening dinners, BBQs and the morning coffee on their patio.

We create patios from paving slabs, cobbles, and any other hard stone. They really are a great addition to any garden and being that they are relatively simple to construct and easily affordable, they are often the first garden improvement that people invest in.

Structures (Sheds, Greenhouses, Pergolas) Essex

Whether essential for storage or purely an aesthetic enhancement, garden structures are a brilliant, versatile and long-serving part of any garden.

We can erect a huge array of structures in your garden and even lay the block paving required for a firm and solid foundation base.

Water features Essex

Nothing says elegance and refinement like a regal looking fountain or water feature. We absolutely love creating these for our customers and are yet to see a garden that hasn't been utterly transformed with the addition of a beautiful water feature.

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What is hard landscaping and why do you need it in your garden ?

Hard landscaping services is the collective term used to describe the build and implementation of man-made structures in a garden or outdoor setting. This includes using materials such as stone, wood and metal to create things like fencing, patios, driveways and block paving. Think of it as anything in the garden that is "non-plant".

The advantage of having a garden that cohesively utilises soft landscaping and hard landscaping is that they work well in making your garden inviting and practical throughout the whole year. Hard landscaping plays an essential role in the garden as it stops excessive damage to soft landscaping areas which can be caused by heavy footfall and rainwater. Breaking up your garden with areas of block paving, a patio or decking significantly reduces the chance of water pooling and floods occurring due to the improved drainage.

Hard landscaping manages moisture levels as it can either store or drain water according to your garden design. It can help irrigation systems and prevent soil erosion too -- making it the perfect addition to your residential or commercial Essex garden.

Let Eden Horticultural design your dream outdoor living space

A lot of people use hard landscaping in their garden to create enjoyable outdoor spaces which are fantastic for relaxing and making the most of the good Essex weather. With the incorporation of lighting, heating systems and even sound systems you can extend the comforts of your home into the garden, giving yourself a pleasing living area where the appeal of the outdoors seamlessly merges with the technology and conveniences of the inside.

If you're looking for a team of specialists in Essex who can help you with the design and build of your garden -- Eden Horticultural are on hand to deliver a solution that precisely meets your tastes, budget and requirements . We can assist our customers in Essex with block paving, driveway laying, building a new patio or even installing a stunning water feature.

Contact a member of our friendly team today to discuss your ideas and get a quote for our hard landscaping services in Essex.

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Hard Landscaping services by Eden Horticultural

For all of your hard landscaping needs, Eden Horticultural are on hand to deliver expert workmanship coupled with exceptional customer service.

We specialise in block paving, landscaping, paving, patio and every other service that acts to transform the landscape of your garden.

Eden Horticultural is a company known for being committed to our customers and for turning their garden dreams into a reality. We place every client at the centre of our operation, following the details of their specifications or assisting them with design and inspiration.

To find out more about how our services can help you or to discuss your requirements and ideas further, feel free to contact our team today and take advantage of our vast experience, passionate knowledge and get a quote.

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