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Are you thinking of landscaping your garden? Now is the time to do it! With the right landscaping, your garden can be the perfect definition of heaven on earth where you can host your events and even meetings. A little landscaping can go a long way into improving your garden’s appearance and your home’s environment.

Garden Landscaping Essex

Before landscaping, ensure that you have clearly looked into different designs before picking the final one. If you have a good landscaping contractor, he/she will inform you of the pros and cons of each design for you to make an informed decision.

Eden Horticultural Ltd can revive, refurbish and rejuvenate your garden using our extensive knowledge in all aspects of landscaping, which result in our ability to provide customers with stylish gardens and outdoor spaces. We understand the importance of listening to the requirements of our customers, then providing a thorough design that accommodates their specifications, budgets and tastes.

Garden Landscape Design Essex

There are many different garden landscape designs that blend flawlessly with your environment to give your garden a breathtaking view. Whether it’s the backyard or the front yard, landscaping the garden will ensure you have a beautiful place. Garden landscaping can take a classical or modern design depending on your likes and preferences.

It is however important that the garden designer to have had prior visits and consultations with the client to the site so that they can agree on the best design that can be implemented in the garden.

We offer a variety of hard landscaping services including:

  • Terracing
  • Decking
  • Brickwork
  • Stonework
  • Garden Paving
  • Water Features

From small residential gardens to large estates, Eden Horticultural Ltd have a wealth of experience in transforming gardens of all shapes into elegant and practical outdoor spaces. With the use of various materials and techniques, we seek to install modern and sustainable outdoor solutions that combine natural beauty with stylish constructions.

Wall Garden Design Essex

The wall garden design is among the most common designs incorporated by landscapers because It is easy and gives the garden a gorgeous look. The design involves using the walls as the focal point of landscaping since the walls allow many different designs at no expense. It allows vertical and horizontal designs and can also be anywhere around the garden.

The front garden walls design provides a platform for different flower patterns in the landscaping process for the desired results to be achieved. You can also implement different designs adopted from different countries such as Asia and Europe.

In the backyard, wall garden design allows for the vertical gardening to be carried out allowing plants like flowers and vegetables to grow along the wall. This has been proved to improve the quality of air in the garden area.

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As the process of landscaping is a hustle, it is important that the garden designers and the landscape gardeners involved in the construction and maintenance of the landscaped garden be complete professionals. Essex has numerous garden landscaping companies that offer various landscaping services one of them being Eden Horticultural limited that will offer you quality services for a reasonable price.

If you require a Garden Design & Build services, contact us today for more details on 01245 901537 or 07968 449570.