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Garden maintenance services

At Eden Horticultural Ltd we offer a range of garden maintenance services to our customers. Listed below are the main services we offer, but not solely limited to these, so feel free to get in touch if what we list below does not cover exactly what you are looking for.

Basic charges are also laid out below against the services offered for ease of reference.

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Garden renovation days

Renovation and rejuvenation days are a popular way to get the garden back into shape quickly. We supply a team of gardeners from anything from a day to larger scale ongoing renovation projects. Typically a team of gardeners would work though an agreed process of works, cutting back, pruning, weeding as desired.

This service is popular with clients who have brought a new house, and the garden has got a little out of control, or when areas need clearing or re-working for development. We are registered waste carriers and can also remove and dispose of the garden waste we produce on the day, an additional charge would apply for this service if required.

Charge of £235 plus vat per man per day.

Garden maintenance

The garden maintenance service is our regular round. Providing weekly, fortnightly or even a monthly service, a team will visit for a fixed amount of time on a regular agreed basis. This can cover all tasks in the garden, from grass cutting, weeding, seasonal pruning and planting. This service encompasses all that is required to keep the garden in top shape without the worry of having to do it yourself. Having skilled gardeners to assist in tasks you may not also be comfortable doing, we have many gardens where we only attend to the hedges, beds, shrubs and trees excluding lawn work, to maximise the time spent on the more skilled tasks in the garden. We can accommodate most horticultural tasks but sometimes we will go in for agreed larger fixed jobs in the garden that cannot be completed in the regular maintenance timed visits, such as dealing with large hedges, or cutting areas of meadow.

We supply our own tools, fuels and chemicals if required, and can take waste away for an additional charge, and we have certified staff with chemical application licences.

Our typical season would be March to the end of December for most average domestic gardens, with larger gardens running all year if required.

  • Charge of £66.00 plus vat per hour 2 men, minimum visit 2 hours 2 men fortnightly, 4hrs 2 men monthly.
  • Additional charges apply – waste away (we take 1 bulk bag, per garden per visit as part of the service we would look to fill brown bins first before removing any waste) £4.50 plus vat per bag removed.
  • Chemical charges per litre - £4.50 plus vat per litre
  • Box moth treatment - £4.50 plus vat per litre
regular maintenance of gardens in Essex

Seasonal pruning work

Knowing when to prune certain plants is important if you want plants to flower and look their best, so seasonal pruning days are again very popular. We have many clients we only see once a year to attend and take care of the specialist work in the garden. This covers Wisteria pruning and renovations, climbing and rambling roses, shrubs roses, fruit tree pruning and rejuvenation, hedge cutting, specialist shrub work such as rhododendron and camellia pruning along with many other plants.

We can also assess structures that support plants at the same time, and fitting additional support wires and eyelets, or trellis is also available with this service. We are also very mindful of nesting birds and biodiversity so will always assess for this at the correct times of year.

Charge – Various depending on task.

Lawn care and weed control

We can provide lawncare to most domestic gardens, advising on when to scarify, fertilize, apply moss and weed control in turf. We can also look at topdressing and overseeding works, as well as relevelling areas of lawn.

We cover weed control treatments on all hardstanding and flowerbeds. Our staff are qualified and certified to apply chemicals as required. We have all relevant COSHH, and health and safety documentation to accompany this service if required. We do NOT cover Japanese knotweed control unfortunately at this time.

Charge – Various depending on task.

Garden care services Essex

Garden maintenance services in Essex

With regular garden maintenance there are always little extra seasonal tasks that can be done. We can also supply seasonal bedding, pots, and containers, hanging baskets, compost, mulching, soil improvement, herbaceous perennials and shrubs for improving borders, and also advise on any garden jobs we see need attending too thorough the year.

Specialist garden care company in Essex

If you require a garden maintenance & care services for commercial or domestic garden areas, contact us today for more details on
01245 901 537 or 07968 449 570.

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