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Soft landscaping services

At Eden Horticultural Ltd we are specialist plantsmen offering a consultation, design and planting service. We are very experienced plantsmen, and understand what is needed to achieve the beautiful garden that all our clients desire.

Be it a modern contemporary garden, or traditional cottage style garden, we are well suited to deliver a planting plan to achieve this look through the canvas of plants. Taking into account, height, structure, texture, colour, scent, flowers etc, we can create a beautiful relaxing space to the clients specification.

soft landscaping services in Essex soft landscaping services in Essex

Landscape architecture

Working closely with the client, we can deliver the visions and ideas you may have, or left to us we will create the perfect planting schedule to reflect the house and surrounding area.

We asses all aspects of the garden, soil type, moisture content, sun and shade, prevailing winds etc to choose the right plant for the right place. Working with nature and existing conditions we tailor the correct choice of plant to the situation to maximise the planting and help created a full and healthy display.

We also understand pruning and aftercare, and can advise on this also. So overgrown gardens can be redeveloped and improved to regain what once might have been. Services offered.

Essex planting service

Our Essex planting service is unrivaled. We believe we offer the best and most cost effective garden planting serivce around.

If you require a soft landscaping contractor and specialist plantsmen, contact us today for more details on 01245 901 537 or 07968 449 570.

soft landscaping project maintaining plants and turf