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Bespoke crafted
garden water features

Garden water features are fantastic for enhancing your garden or outdoor space. They add to the aesthetics of your garden, can attract wildlife, and often produce a pleasant sound. If you want to create a relaxing outdoor space, adding a water feature is an excellent way to achieve this.

Water features can be used in any garden. Whether traditional or more modern, there are designs that fit in with all garden styles. They can help to make a garden more sensory, adding both a visual element and sound. A water feature can also make a stunning focal point for a garden, providing a unique and eye-catching design element.

Water features come in all kinds of styles and designs too, from ponds and streams to fountains and waterfalls.

Bespoke water features for Essex gardens Bespoke water features for Essex gardens

Should you get a water feature?

There are some potential downsides to take into account when considering a water feature too. Water features require upkeep and might sometimes attract pests. While some people enjoy the sound of a water feature, others might not. However, for many, the positives far outweigh the potential negatives.

Eden Horticultural are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of high-quality water features in Essex. Our experienced team has been providing water feature design and installation for more than a decade. We can help with water features of all sizes to help our customers complete their dream gardens and outdoor space.


Garden water feature installers in Essex

At Eden Horticultural, we can install any water feature that you want to add to your garden. Water features are available to purchase from a range of retailers, ranging from nurseries and garden centres to DIY stores, and more. When you have found the perfect water feature for your garden, our skilled and experienced team can install it for you to deliver the results that you want.

Eden Horticultural can also help you with custom water feature design. Whether you find a water feature that you love from another retailer or you request our team to design a water feature for you, we will install it to a high standard.


Different types of water features

One of the reasons water features are such a good choice for gardens is the range of choice they offer.

If you are considering a water feature for your garden, you could choose from options such as:

garden pond water feature
Fountain water feature
garden stream construction
garden rills in Essex
Water Rills & blades
garden waterfalls Essex
(with & without ponds)

Whatever type of water feature you choose, Eden Horticultural can take your desired feature and incorporate it into the overall design of your garden. Our design and build team can help with not just water features but every aspect of your landscaping and hardscaping, as well as garden and water feature maintenance.

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Custom design and build of
water features in Essex

If you spend time customising the interior of your home, your garden deserves the same treatment. Making sure that your garden matches your personal tastes is crucial if you want a space that makes you happy. Your home's exterior deserves to look just as good as the interior. Our bespoke design and build garden services give you the garden of your dreams, customising your outside space so that it meets your needs and your preferences.

Our garden designers have years of experience designing and installing bespoke gardens. Our knowledge and skills allow us to deliver unique gardens for all of our clients, making sure that no garden is exactly the same or follows a set template. However you want your garden to look, we can make sure that your garden desires are fulfilled.

We can provide you with the garden features that you want, custom-designed by our team with your input. Whether you want a custom pond fountain, a large centrepiece courtyard fountain, or any other type of water feature, our team can carry out the whole process, from design to installation.

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A garden water feature makes a fantastic addition to any garden. The team at Eden Horticultural will use their years of experience and expertise to design and install the perfect water feature for your outside space. Whatever the style that you are looking for, we can work with you to create the garden of your dreams. When you want help with garden water features in Essex, you can rely on our trustworthy, skilled team to deliver.

Call us today to request a quote for water feature design, installation, and maintenance. We can also take care of any other garden design needs.

bespoke waterfall garden water feature in Essex bespoke waterfall garden water feature in Essex

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