Leylandii Tree Planting Essex

There is virtually no domestic tree that is as big, robust and vigorous like the Leylandii. It provides perfect shade from sunlight and can be used as a hedge. No wonder more people in the UK are starting to appreciate the leylandii tree and have become planting it. But finding a Leylandii supplier and professional planters can be tasking. Eden Horticultural is here to make such difficult tasks easier for you.

Leylandii Tree Supplier Essex

Eden Horticultural is a Leylandii supplier that can plant and maintain Leylandii trees for you. We provide affordable Leylandii trees for sale and ensure that they live for a very long time. We also have expert and experienced professionals that will take charge of the planting process and see that your Leylandii tree remains healthy.

Leylandii Tree Suppliers Essex

Leylandii Tree Roots Maintenance

After planting, we make sure that the Leylandii tree is watered adequately so that its roots do not dry up. We reckon that between November and February, less water is needed for the Leylandii tree roots and so we usually plant during this period. We are very cautious about planting from February to October because more water will be needed during these months. We make use of a hose or watering can ensure that your Leylandii tree stays watered but not too wet. We also watch out for drought symptoms and adjust how often we water the trees.

In maintaining your Leylandii tree, our professionals trim once a year so that it does not get too high. The law on the height that a Leylandii tree should get to is stated under Section 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act of 2003, and we make sure to uphold it to avoid complaints from your neighbours. Also, we provide special preventive and corrective treatments for diseases like honeyfungus and phytophora that can affect your leylandii tree.

At Eden Horticultural we offer a top quality tree planting services throughout Essex.

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