Portuguese Laurel Tree Planting Essex

The Portuguese Laurel tree is well known as a small evergreen tree in the UK. With its small flowers and berries, it is difficult to miss in fields. Eden Horticultural is a Portuguese Laurel tree supplier that can help you plant and maintain the Portuguese Laurel tree.

Portuguese Laurel Tree Supplier Essex

We are committed to providing the best laurel services in the UK. We have Portuguese Laurel for sale at affordable prices. The Portuguese Laurel tree may be used as a hedge or as a potted plant, depending on what the owner desires. Usually, we plant it as a screen in parks and gardens. In either case, we can help you plant, prune and maintain your Portuguese Laurel tree.

Portuguese Laurel Tree Suppliers Essex

Portuguese Laurel Hedge Essex

Portuguese Laurel is commonly used as a hedge by most users. We specialise in pruning the laurel hedges to make it look neat. We recommend that the best season to prune the Portuguese Laurel tree is in the transition period between spring and summer. We prune using hedge-trimmers and secateurs when the Portuguese Laurel hedge is still growing so that tatty leaves would be covered up.

Apart from making the laurel to be neat and appealing, you are also obliged to trim your Portuguese Laurel hedge under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act of 2003. We can help you prune and maintain your laurel for you.

The Portuguese Laurel tree is also susceptible to a lot of diseases like the shot-hole disease, and the powdery mildew. Pests like slugs, rabbits and bay suckers may also attack the Portuguese Laurel. We have trained and experienced employees that can provide treatments against the diseases and drive away pests from your laurel.

We also ensure that the flowers and berries of the Portuguese Laurel are always healthy and grows properly.

At Eden Horticultural we offer a top quality tree planting services throughout Essex.

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