Red Robin Tree Planting Essex

The red robin tree gets its name from the colour of its leaves. The glossy red leaves of this tree are very attractive and more appreciated during the spring. Eden Horticultural is a supplier company of the red robin tree in the UK. We specialise in growing red robin hedges or the standard red robin trees.

Photinia Tree Hedging Essex

We plant the Red Robin photinia tree in clay, normal or chalk soil and with a full or semi-exposure to sunlight in exposed or inland sites. This is because of the specific properties that make the Red Robin tree to withstand harsh conditions.

Red Robin Tree Suppliers Essex

Photinia Red Robin Standard Tree Essex

The Red Robin photinia tree has an average growth rate and should be maintained at a height between 1 to 4m. This is where we can be of help. We have expert and experienced employees who will trim the leaves of the red robin tree to main it tidy, following the law under Section 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act of 2003. Our employees will provide this service with a high-quality and to your satisfaction.

We offer different sizes and quantity of the Red Robin tree. Even though this tree is often used as a hedge and for screening in gardens, we may also provide it for you in pots. In such cases, the Red Robin is made to grow in the pot.

Several pests and diseases can affect the normal growth of the Red Robin tree. However, our employees are skilled in treating the disease and driving pests away from the tree. In the summer, some of the leaves mature to green and need to be maintained for the season when they turn back to red. We can provide these maintenance services for you.

At Eden Horticultural we offer a top quality tree planting services throughout Essex.

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