Yew Tree Planting Essex

Another tree that Eden Horticultural specialises in planting is the Yew Tree. The Yew tree and shrub has various species and is popular in the UK. Often referred to as the King of Hedging, these trees have a slow growth rate and evergreen canvas.

Yew Tree Supplier Essex

Eden Horticultural is a supplier of the yew tree in the UK. We offer planting, maintenance and pruning services to our customers that own this type of hedging trees. We only employ the best type of employees who are skilled and experienced in performing these services so that you can have maximum satisfaction from our services.

Yew Tree Suppliers Essex

Yew Tree Leaves Essex

In the planting stage, we make use of the features that this plant has. Since it can withstand harsh soil conditions, we use normal soil or dry soil for planting. Our workers are dedicated to providing the best services and ensuring that the Yew tree planting is done professionally. If you desire to plant the Yew tree with other plants like the Rose or the Viburnum, then we can also be of service to you.

After planting, we prune and maintain the tree. This tree has a short to average growth rate, so we prune only to maintain the shape and to make the hedge look tidy. The height that the yew tree is allowed to grow to is about 1 to 4m, after which the law under section 8 of the Ani-Social Behaviour Act of 2003 mandates that the height of the tree be reduced. You do not need to worry as we have the equipment and the training to trim your Yew tree to the proper height effectively.

Diseases and the attack from pest on the Yew tree is also a post-planting issue that you may face. But you need not to worry. Our employees are experts in treating and driving away pests from your Yew Tree so that it grows appropriately as you would like it to.

Our goal is to provide you with the best planting, installation, maintenance and pruning services you can get in the UK.

At Eden Horticultural we offer a top quality tree planting services throughout Essex.

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