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Welcome to Eden Horticultural! We are a full-service landscaping company based in Wickford, Essex. We are established as a team of leading local landscape gardeners in Wickford, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering a fantastic job of creating a full range of beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for homeowners.

Our landscape gardeners and designers deliver a professional job every time and will work with you to create a personalised plan that suits your style, budget, and functional needs. We use only the highest-quality materials and employ the latest techniques to ensure that your new space will stand the test of time.

About us
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We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and we take pride in our work carried out, which reflects your taste and style. We aim to leave you extremely happy once we deliver the finished work.

We also offer free consultations and free estimates for our services in Wickford. So contact us today to schedule your consultation, and let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Landscape architecture specialists in Wickford

At Eden Horticultural, we are a team of highly experienced professional landwork garden landscapers in Wickford, Essex.

Our landscape gardeners have a comprehensive knowledge of landscaping services, plant species and a flair for creative garden design.

Our promise of a fantastic job

Every gardening job aims to breathe life into your property and offer a wide range of bespoke design styles for your new or existing one. So whether you want to make your garden site look better or beautify your new patio or any other part of your house we are the best in business to deliver great service.

Our landwork and gardening services are well-suited for residential and commercial properties. We are also fully qualified, accredited and insured for any landscape and landwork projects in Wickford, including garden maintenance and a wide variety of landscaping work.

Garden maintenance, landscaping ideas & services

Eden Horticultural is your reliable one-stop shop for the best landscape gardeners Wickford where you will find a wide variety of garden landscaping ideas and services to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or business environment.

Our team of experienced local gardeners specialises in creating very high standard customised garden landscapes that reflect your style and suit your unique needs.

Some of our landscaping services in Essex are highlighted below. You can also explore our website to see some of our past work and get inspiration for your garden.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you create the landscapes of your dreams.

Using plants to separate zones.

Using plants to separate zones in a landscape can be an effective and visually pleasing way to create distinct areas in your yard or garden. Plants can be used to create privacy, define spaces, and add visual interest to an area.

As professional landscape gardeners Wickford, we help our clients achieve this by creating a hedge or a row of shrubs, or creating a living wall or green screen, or an island bed.

Lawn shaping

At Eden Horticultural, we understand that the perfect lawn is an essential part of any outdoor space, and our team of experienced landscape gardeners is dedicated to helping you achieve the lawn of your dreams. In addition to lawn shaping, we offer mowing, edging, aeration, seeding, weeding, fencing, irrigation and fertilization.

Climbing vines or hydrangea walls

These versatile plants can add beauty and function to any outdoor space or garden, whether you want to add privacy, create a focal point, or simply enjoy a lush green view. With the botanical knowledge and many years experience that our team of landscape gardeners in Wickford, Essex, has, be assured of a good job of installing them to beautify your garden.

Fountains & water features.

The soothing sound of running water can add a sense of tranquility and beauty to any garden or outdoor space, and our team of experienced landscape gardeners is dedicated to helping you create the perfect water feature for your gardens, driveways or patios or other parts of your house.

Tree planting service

As a professional team of landscape gardeners Wickford, we understand the importance of selecting suitable species of trees and grass and placing them in the right location to ensure their survival and growth.

We consider the soil type, drainage, sunlight, and overall design of your landscape to ensure that the trees we plant will thrive and beautify your space. Our gardeners have green fingers and use them to deliver a perfect job for every client.

professional garden design in Wickford

Luxury garden design and landscape in Wickford

Our clients often have further requests, such as giving their gardens a touch of luxury and installing the right plants or garden furniture around their fencing, driveway or patios.

When looking for professional landscape gardeners Wickford, Eden Horticultural can add a touch of class to any garden, whether residential or commercial.

Our landwork and garden landscapers in Wickford, offer you the chance to enjoy that luxury feel in your space. We also offer garden maintenance as part of our extensive landscaping and gardening services.

Things to consider when designing your dream garden

Designing your dream garden can be rewarding and enjoyable, but you must consider several things to ensure that your garden is functional, beautiful, very high standard and sustainable.

Designing a dream garden is not a one-time task and should be a continuous process, as you will adapt it as per your needs and other elements will evolve and change over time.

This is why you must work with professional and reliable landscape gardeners with a proven track record of success to deliver great work by creating your garden and subsequently providing high-quality garden maintenance services.


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Landscaping and design costs

Landscaping and design costs can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, complexity, and other factors. Other factors include the location of the project, materials required and maintenance costs.

However, for your landscaping and gardening projects in Wickford, Eden Horticultural is competitively priced, ensuring you don't break the bank while offering you the most amazing landwork and garden landscapers in Wickford. We are the best local gardeners you can trust, and we do an amazing job every time.

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Our winning philosophy is to provide our customers with access to the expertise, materials and tools you would get from a large enterprise, combined with the attentive and personalised service you would expect from a small family run business.

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