Garden Design Trends for 2020

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A majority of people spend their time indoors. Whether it is working, taking care of the young ones, or in school, most of the day-to-day activities are centred indoors. It is, therefore, critical to ascertain that the few moments spent outdoors are worthwhile. Homeowners must, indeed, choose gardening designs carefully. Acquiring information about the latest trends in the horticulture world is vital. This write-up offers you all the insights you need as you strive to create the best garden experience for your guests and family.

Why Follow Gardening Trends?

Given that everyone has unique tastes and preferences, why would you go with the trends while gardening? Well, it makes sense to try some of the ideas that have been tried and tested by the experts. You can customise them to reflect your needs and personality. In any case, some of the old garden designs maybe dysfunctional in the contemporary world. Being aware of the popular options is hence inevitable.

In 2019, you may want to try the following gardening trends:

1. Low Maintenance Garden Design

Low Maintenance Garden Design

You must admit that it is daunting to set aside a sufficient amount of time for gardening. Yet, neglecting this area is not an option because most people judge books by the cover. Guests will determine your sense of responsibility, or how your interior space looks based on how well you will take care of your garden. This is the reason why many homeowners are going for low maintenance gardening trends.

You may do away with unnecessary plants and instead opt for perennial plants. Also, invest in an irrigation system, so that the need to use a horse for watering is eliminated. It is wise to go for quality stones when choosing hardscaping materials. You will not need to replace or clean them regularly.

2. Wild Garden Design


The need to stay in touch with nature has made many people go for wild plants. Insects will be more frequent in your space, allowing you to contribute towards pollination effortlessly.

3. Creating a Garden Vacation Spot


In 2019, you may not afford to go out for vacation every time you wish because of cash constraints, and your numerous responsibilities. It is for this reason that many people are creating a spot to relax and have fun. Some of the features to include are a comfortable lounge chair, proper lighting, and fireplace.

4. Setting Aside Private and Secluded Areas

Garden Seating Area

It is not every day when you want to be around your family and friends. Create your own secluded space in the garden by building a wall, having one or two seats, use of tall and narrow trees, and use of arbour.

5. Positioning Garden Lighting Carefully

Smart Garden

Lighting can help you to highlight the best parts of your garden. You also get a chance to set the right mood. Going for bright and warm colours can help create a cosy feeling in the garden.

6. Gardening For a Changing Climate

It is no secret that the weather today is unpredictable. Many gardeners are opting to go for plants that can cope with all the changes. Drought-resistant plants are increasingly becoming a popular choice.

7. Hanging Garden Plants


Due to a lack of space, many homeowners have embraced the concept of hanging plants on their walls and other areas. Make bold statements by going for plants with outstanding colour and texture.

8. Matching the Exterior with the Interior

Gone are the days when people opted to have incredible décor on the interior and poorly managed gardens. Both spaces are now being designed to create an inviting look. In 2019, designers are taking things to the next level by ensuring that the interior has a common theme with the garden. For instance, tiles are used to complement the flooring in the lounges and other areas in a home.

9. Use of Metal

Unlike other materials, metal is versatile. It can be used to create secluded spaces in the garden. You can also use it as pots for your plants. The best thing is that it will last for a long time. Even so, you should go for rust-resistance metals or also paint it.

10. Setting Aside Spaces for Teenagers

Instead of allowing the teenagers to roam around as they seek for space to have fun, many people are now creating experience in their gardens. This necessitates that you come up with secluded areas and bright colours. Ensure that the noise will be absorbed as much as possible for teenagers to socialise without fear or disruption.

11. DIY Garden Greenhouses


Many gardeners avoid going for greenhouses for the fear that they do not have what it takes to maintain it. This fear has been dispelled as new and easy ways of a greenhouse are being discovered. Try assembling some of the materials from your garage and customise it as you wish. The idea is to ensure that the plants are shielded from the harsh weather and pests. Grow a variety of plants to determine what works for your area.

12. Smart Garden Design

It is not a surprise that technology is finding its way into the gardening world. Lawn mowers and weed whackers are now used to do the bulk of the gardening work. People also use apps to identify plants and ideal landscape design. Join the trend in 2019 so that the heavy gardening burden is lifted off your shoulders.

13. Giving Back

It is trendy to give back using a garden in 2019. This can involve donating land for production of food and opting plants that attract pollinators. Still, allow researchers to use the space to try ways of controlling garden pests and insects naturally.

14. Investing In Quality Garden Furniture


In need to save some money in the long run? Gardeners opt for hardwood instead of softwood. The pieces must be weather resistant while the fabric must be fade resistant. Do not forget that comfort and a sense of appeal are essential when choosing any furniture.

15. Front Garden

People are no longer afraid to show off their gardens to the world, and hence, they are opting to utilise the front space as opposed to their backyards. Potted plants are used if the area is limited. Hanging pots are also worth trying. Note that you must avoid creating a cluttered look and instead go for fewer items and plants.

16. Healthy Eating Considerations

As the world moves wellness and wholeness of the body, mind, and spirit, gardening is being designed to reflect the idea. Join the trend by going for plants that offer you health benefits such; as Aloe Vera, spinach, broccoli and peas. While still in this process, try air-purifying plants such as ferns and spider plants.

17. Turning To Moon for Advice

Gardeners are turning to the moon to get advice on what to plant and when to prune or harvest. This is in line with the suggestion that the different phases of the moon impact a plant’s growth. Going for the moon garden will, therefore, ensure that you have bright flowers and leaves at all times.

18. Treehouses


In line with trying to create secluded yet fun places in the garden, you may see more people going for tree houses. The best way of doing this is to ensure that the wood is unpainted so that the house blends in with nature.

19. Asymmetrical Design

A predictable garden is associated with a lack of creativity. Go for asymmetrical designs and create an epic feel in the area. Choose the location of plants and furniture carefully, so that you strike a balance between asymmetry and harmony.

20. Use of Bold Colours

In the bid to bring indoors on the outdoors, gardeners are not shy to use bold colours. They make statements and create focal points in the process. You can achieve this by finding colourful plants or by painting some parts of the wall. Some of the colours worth considering include; bright green and bright shades of yellow. You can also buy a brightly decorated piece of art and place it strategically in the garden.

Making the Right Choices

Indeed, there are many trending garden options to consider in 2019. Make the right choices by:

  • Considering the dynamics of the exterior space. This is inclusive of the size, weather patterns, direction of the sun, and type of soil.
  • Working within your budget. Always go for affordable gardening options.
  • Focusing on your tastes and preferences. A garden must always tell your story.
  • Finding Help

If you are still stuck on the type of gardening trend to choose in 2019, find professional help at Eden Horticultural. The Essex and Chelmsford based company will give you advice on the kind of garden design that works for you. We also offer other services such as decking, installing patios, block paving, garden pond design, and turfing.

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