How to Grow & Care For Osteospermum Plants

Those looking for a beautiful new plant for their garden should look to osteospermum plants. The osteospermum flower is known as the Cape/African daisy, and it’s a colourful, long-lasting flower that blooms from the beginning of summer right through to the autumn months. Most people use the osteo plant to…

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10 Different Alpine Plants to Grow

Alpine plants are plants which naturally grow in alpine climates. This basically means high up on mountains, not just the Alps. As a result, they are very tolerant of cold and wind and fairly tolerant of rain. Alpine plants tend to prefer neutral to alkaline soils and they all need…

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Most Popular Types of Flowers

When you close your eyes and think of a flower, what’s the first bloom that comes to mind? Whatever it is, this is likely your favourite; it’s the flower that you prefer above any other. What’s interesting is that you might not even be aware of what the flower is…

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