Garden Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

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Do you own a garden? Are you having trouble managing space in your garden?

Garden design ideas encompass the structure and layout of your garden. It entails the position of certain ornaments, wood-work furniture, lights – from the types that will suit the setting or theme of the environment to their glamour. It also entails the location where these flowers or plants will be set up or placed, i.e. rooftops, balconies or yards.

The idea of having a garden is present in the minds of most families. However, among the problems which may occur, insufficient outdoor space for gardening takes the lead.

Have in mind that your backyard or front yard does not have to be really huge or spacious. There are various thoughtful and creative ways which these ideas for your garden can be used to utilise your outdoor space.

Excellent house garden designs create illusions that will help elaborate on the availability of space in your garden. In accordance, the theme of your garden should be able to suit your preferred taste. It could be either modern, traditional or vintage, French, Victorian, or whatever you want it to be.

Interesting small garden ideas envelop the availability of colourful flowers and plants, their sizes, the drainage systems, and so on. It also entails the availability of decorative structures like a mini-fountain surrounded by flowers, customised hammocks, swinging chairs, or better still, take it up a notch and construct a cabana.

Benefits of Adequately Managing Space in Your Garden

  • Your garden, having the best garden design, can be used to entertain guests when hosting parties.
  • It can be used as a resting place when you need to relieve stress after work or a long day out. You could maybe take a couple of drinks while resting and just relax.
  • A beautiful and organised spacious garden can also be used to catch up on some family and friends bonding time. Games like chess, monopoly etc., could be played, surrounded by a beautiful environment.
  • When it’s dark, a projector could also be set-up to see movies once in a while.
  • Your garden can be used as a chilling spot when you need to be alone, to just think and clear your head. It can be used to read books leisurely, get up to date with your social media, or merely relax by listening to the radio.
  • Having a garden gives you something to focus on, as it improves commitment and dedication – it gives you something to admire and look forward to.
  • Well-taken care of and organised gardens can be used to have mini business brunch meetings from time to time.
  • A built-in corner bench can create a cosy corner to appreciate nature and the fragrance produced from the flowers in your garden.

Various interesting small garden ideas can help you utilise space in your home. Below are a few of them.

15 Garden Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

1. Organise and Plan Your Planting


Arranging your plants and flowers into pots, beds and woods make them presentable in your garden. The pots can be arranged according to their heights, weight, colours and content.

These flower pots can be ceramic in nature or terracotta. They should be exposed to adequate sunlight and perforated accordingly.

They can be placed against the wall, at a corner, in front of the door, or any conspicuous position.

2. Have a Defined-Shaped Lawn

garden lawn

Constantly trim your lawn. Put your lawnmower to use, and you can create any shape and style you deem fit. You can cut the excesses and produce a circle, triangle, a square, hexagon, rectangle, oval, and so on.

After trimming your lawn, you can go ahead and surround it with flower pots to make the already cut shape defined.

3. Make Use of Steps


To utilise more space, you could construct a flight of three to four steps. This can help make the environment bigger.

These steps can be made with cement or wood. It could also be painted with any colour to rhyme with your garden. It could be red, pink, white, or even yellow.

4. Use of Mirrors or Glasses

Mirrors can be used to expand the space in your garden. It is part of pretty garden ideas, as it helps reflect the beauty of your environment.

The mirrors should be placed in an area where the sun won’t bounce back on it. It can be surrounded by climbing plants.

The glasses can be placed at a middle corner to serve as demarcation and decoration for the plants. Glasses also make your garden look elegant and a feel of privacy is guaranteed.

5. Use Fold-Up Furniture

folding furniture

When considering furniture for your garden, be sure to purchase furniture that can be folded.

You can get folded chairs and folded tables for ease when packing up. This furniture can be set in the garden when you need it for parties, family and friends gathering, games night, or to work on assignments, etc.

6. A Wooden Display Plant Stand

One garden suggestion is a plant stand which could be wooden. This wooden stand can come in different levels. If you have a small backyard space, a wooden display plant stand can help save a lot of space.

There could be two, three, four, five and even up to six levels on the wooden stand. Pots can be placed at the bottom part, gardening appliances can be placed on the second tier, decorative lights can be placed on the last and middle tiers.

The stand can lean against the wall of your garden.

7. Colour to Spice Things Up

Painting the garden walls white especially, makes your garden feel spacious.

Painting your furniture and ornament with bright colours helps spice things up in your garden. It helps present a compact view, making your garden look spacious.

8. Making Use of Lights

garden lights

Lights are really important aspects of making your environment spacious. Surface tops lanterns or lights can be substituted for suspended or hanging lights.

Having hanging lights in your garden creates an illusion of space. Not only that, but it also beautifies the environment.

The lights can be suspended from sticks stuck into the ground coupled with ropes. They can also be hung from the walls or the trees.

Paper cases wired with different colours can be very decorative and elegant, providing a homely environment in the garden.

9. Landscaping and Painting

Landscaping modifies ornaments and helps creates the desired theme. These themes can be modern, traditional, or country (English or French).

The paving can be black, silver, grey, white and golden stone. Decorative stones can be painted with different colours also like, light pink, baby blue, white, etc.

10. Choose your Flowers and Plants Wisely


When trying to utilise space in your garden, your choice of flowers and plants matter a lot. Get plants that do not take up much space like strawberries, bell peppers, orange dwarf trees, etc.

Plants like cucumber take up lots of space and will need a very large pot. Pineapple will also take lots of space because it spreads.

Meyer Lemons are also available in dwarf citrus trees. They can be placed in pots by the side of the house. Good examples are mushrooms, beets, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

11. Companion Planting

Companion planting helps conserve space by planting vegetables and flowers in the same beds. This helps both the flowers and plants to grow healthily.

Examples of plants and flowers that can be paired for planting are marigolds and lemons, pepper and pigweed, beans and corn, cabbage and potatoes, garlic and rose, tall flowers and lettuce.

12. Use Vertical Space

Vertical spaces help direct the development and growth of the plants. Glass partitioning and wooden structures can serve as stick rest, ladder rest, pots rest, wooden shelves rest, etc.

13. Provision for Sitting and Relaxing

By making provision for relaxing and chilling, you are making the best use of your space. For relaxation purposes, hammocks can be made and hung from a suspended angle.

To create shade for reading and relaxing, you can build a cabana. To do this, you can form a canopy above your chair by placing a wrapper or blanket over two sticks buried in the ground.

14. Using Pots and Planters

To make the best use of your space and also maintain beauty, you can plant your fruit trees in a pot and hang flower-filled planters on the wall. This creates a very pleasant scenery.

15. Shelves

Shelves are good for storing flower pots and can come in wooden form. They can be placed against a fence or hung on the wall – it all depends on the theme of your home garden.

Decorative ornaments can also be placed in between the flower pots.

At Eden Horticultural, we try our best to make gardening ideas and designs easy to access. We hope these ideas provided will help create enough insights when designing your home gardens.

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