Softscape vs Hardscape | Difference Soft and Hard Landscaping

By: edm

Softscape and hardscape are both parts of landscaping. While hardscape includes heavier elements in designing the landscape, such as rocks, stones, patios, driveways, etc., the soft landscape is every other thing in between, like taking care of the plants, soil, flower, colour schemes, etc.

Hard Landscaping

To start with, firstly the hard landscaping must be done so that the permanent shaping up of the garden is completed. For that, you need to start with the following things –

  • The driveways and walkways
  • The patios, gates, and arbours
  • The stone benches, flagstone, hard rock, etc.
  • The swimming pools and fountains

Soft Landscaping

When done with the hard landscaping features, you must move on to the soft landscaping part to complete the landscaping work. The soft landscaping features can be changed from time to time depending on the season and owner mood changes and these includes –

  • The trimming of the grasses
  • The trees and the shrubs
  • The modification of the vegetable gardens or the flowers
  • The soil to make it fit for the plants

These are some of the essential landscaping features that can turn your garden into something fresh and beautiful to endure and love. The following infographic will guide you through the difference and the components that are included in this both landscaping types.


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