Top 10 Landscape Design Apps

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Are you thinking about starting a new landscaping project? If so, there are some great apps that are sure to help with this process. Here are the top suggestions that we recommend.



Simple to use and a great visualisation tool, you can start using iScape by taking a picture of the area you’re working with. You’ll then be able to add virtual layers to see how they appear in a 3D format. If you aren’t sure whether drawings are going to provide enough depth and detail, it’s a fantastic choice. The app also has sharing capabilities and a wide database of plants and materials with an inventory from multiple partners.

Microsoft Pix Camera

microsoft pix cameraIf you are looking to make sure that you know exactly how your new space is going to feel after your landscaping work is complete, this is the right tool for you. You will be able to use the Pix app to stitch together different images, providing you with a full space to explore. It’s not quite virtual reality but it’s not far off. Photosynth tech has been popular for a while now and this is just one more way it can be used to great effect.

Garden Plan Pro

garden plan proThis is a great choice if you’re planning on using an area in your garden for growing fruit and vegetables. You will be able to design the bed down to the shape and select through different varieties of plants. You can rotate your virtual crops and store all the info you need. By doing this, you’ll be able to know exactly how your plants are performing. You can then switch between different areas to find the ideal spot for optimum growth. Easy to use, you will be able to set up a garden bed in minutes but the practicality of the app ensures you will access it multiple times.

Patio Design

You might be interested in setting up a new patio area in your garden. If that’s the case Patio Design could be a great app for you. With this option, you will be able to explore various different images to find the right features that match your needs. The brilliant thing about this app is that it is constantly updated. So, you will always be gaining access to fresh possibilities and options. As well as this, there are shareability options too. So, you will be able to select items for your garden and then ask for opinions from friends or family members.

Landscaping Ideas

You might be finding it difficult to know where to begin with your landscaping project. If you are stuck for ideas and you’re looking for inspiration, then there are a number of possibilities to consider. For instance, you could explore Pinterest. Alternatively, you may want to turn your attention to Landscaping Ideas. There are thousands of different images on this app. So, you will be able to find options sure to give you the inspiration that you’ve been searching for. You can save your favourites, share them and ensure that you are able to plan out your perfect garden space.

Pro Landscape Home

Pro Landscape HomePro Landscape Home is a version of the Pro Landscape software that has been specifically designed for homeowners. It’s a mobile app available on Android as well as iPhones. With this software, you will be able to build 3D files and edit hardscapes to ensure that you are able to plan the ultimate space that perfectly matches your needs. You will also be able to access a wide plant database and it even has a feature that will ensure you can find a professional if you need assistance. It’s great if you want to speed up your landscaping project.


sketchup appWith this software, you will be able to model, draft and render any ideas that you may have into reality. You can actually draw in 3D while you will also be able to share anything that you create so it’s a smart choice if you are looking to collaborate. This is also a suitable option if you are looking to transform your initial models into design files that are filled with context.

Lands Design

This is free software and there is a beta version which is launched every eighty days. It’s a landscaping design tool that will allow you to create realistic 3D images of your space. You have a wide range of furniture, plants and trees to choose from when you are building up your space as well. You can even use the virtual tool which will allow you to ‘walk’ around the new space.


houzz appHouzz is another great place to start if you are searching for inspiration when you are designing your new space. You might think that Houzz is only useful for interior design, however, this is not the case. A big benefit of using Houzz is that as well as being able to search for different examples using specific terms, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where to buy different accessories as well. As such, you’ll find that planning the creation of your dream space is easier than ever.

Landscaper’s Companion – Plant & Gardening Guide

Finally, you could be struggling to find the right plants for your new space. If that’s the case, then this could certainly be the tool for you. Indeed, you will immediately have access to a database of more than 26,000 trees and plans. So, you’ll be able to choose the right option for your property. As well as being able to peruse images of the different choices, this also provides you with useful information including where it should be grown. You can even share photos with different members of the community or other people that you know. It’s incredibly popular and for good reason. The app also runs smoothly so you won’t be frustrated loading this on your phone.

We hope this helps you find the right app to help with your landscaping project. Whether you’re looking to fuel creativity, make visualisation easier or simply find the right choices, there are some great options here.


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